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How to Start/Run a Successful Commercial RealEstate/Construction Business

How to Start/Run a Successful Commercial RealEstate/Construction Business

If you ever thought about making lot’s of money working from home or an office, this site is a must read from cover to cover. No matter what you do for a living, this site will change your life, as the author explain how he went from an under educated janitor, to owning his own successful business. It will open your eyes when it comes to making more money, maybe even millions, no matter your background. As you share and tell your friends and colleagues to buy there copy of this site, you will begin to see and understand how the rich became richer from the contacts within there own circles. Telling them that there is plenty of money to go around in these tested systems, they will grow with you, for you, and help you, in this tough economy. Greed is not good for any of us, remember to survive you only need four things, food, air, water and most of all love. These things are all somewhat free; everything else is what you want out of life.

America has a lot of work to do. She needs all Americans to get involved day in and day out as we educate ourselves and help our officials, move this country forward every four years. In time we will change the world.

Some of our infrastructure, schools, government and private buildings need all types of highly paid repairs, to professional cleaning services, just to name a few items or types of work needed for many years to come.

With that said, it’s time for you to make dirty millions the clean way. Throughout this site I’ll give you valuable tricks of the trade, information it took me a lifetime to learn, and that you’ll need to know if you want to be successful working for someone or starting your own easy to start business. I’m sharing my story of success with you to help you fulfill your dream of being a business owner. I know you’ll be surprised at how much money there is to make in the self-owned building, contracting, repairs and cleaning business. So use this site as your guide to start your own small, medium, or large business. I only wish I’d known this

Information I’m going to share with you when I was at the beginning stages of my business. I’d have climbed the ladder much faster. Today is just the beginning of a new life for you. Now, get ready to make yourself some dirty millions the clean way!

Introduction | How to Start/Run a Successful Commercial RealEstate/Construction Business


When reading this site in detail, you will find that it is designed and set up for everyone who’s not afraid of a little challenge. It will really help the under educated business orientated individuals, with at least a third grade education level up to a college degree, grow with ease. This site will also show you that you have a creative brain that is designed and works just like the brain of every millionaire who has ever lived. Ask any doctor or scientist whether this is true, and they will answer you back with the question, “Who taught the very first teacher, businessman, doctor, contractor, professor, and so on?” Some regular person like you had to figure it out. That being said, most of the contractors and building cleaners I am trying to reach have a high school diploma, yet they did not have any good business education. I was just like this when I first started out in the cleaning business. Going from a building cleaner to building cleaning contractor with very little education, it was extremely hard.

Getting Started | How to Start/Run a Successful Commercial RealEstate/Construction Business

Getting Started

I have found that people who are successful owners of cleaning businesses seem to have a secret little society. Most of the rich and successful business people in the cleaning business have been reluctant to sit down with me or others and disclose details about the basis for their success. I believe they know that they have a good cleaning fortune established and are reluctant to share the secrets of their financial success. So, I had to learn the cleaning business the hard way. Personally, I just can’t keep quiet when so many people need help. No one helped me, so I know how hard it can be getting started without any help. I am writing this site because I believe there is enough money in the cleaning business to go around for all of us, so I don’t need to hide anything I have learned. There are some simple but effective ways of starting your contractor or cleaning business. In this chapter I will talk about handling finances, start up money, how to begin finding jobs, and advertising.

Learning as Much as You Can to Increase Your Income | How to Start/Run a Successful Commercial RealEstate/Construction Business

Learning as Much as You Can to Increase Your Income

You are already on your way to increasing your income; it started the moment you began reading, researching and taking action with this how -to book, but we still have a long way to go. Knowledge is the key to all of the building cleaning and contract repair service success stories. In this book, I am sharing just a small amount of information that took me half a lifetime to learn.

I’m hoping that this first book of information will open up your mind the same way good food makes you open your mouth. You take in more and more food until you are full. When you are full, you stop eating, but later, you become hungry once again and look for more food to eat, in this case more knowledge to learn. Too much information at this time would be a little overwhelming, like eating too much food makes you uncomfortable. It was certainly like that for me in the beginning when I was trying to learn it all, everything, all at the same time. I stayed hungry for new business information, but it would have been less overwhelming if I had slowed down once in awhile to think about what I was learning.

Legalities | How to Start/Run a Successful Commercial RealEstate/Construction Business


The first thing I recommend you do is check the legal requirements for starting a business in your state and community. You must find out what steps need to be taken to legally start a contractor or a cleaning business. Find out what the taxes are like, what forms you need to fill out, and what the business politics are like in your area.

Business Bank Accounts | How to Start/Run a Successful Commercial RealEstate/Construction Business

Business Bank Accounts

You are an entrepreneur, and opening a business bank account is one of the first things that you should do when starting a business, certainly before you receive your first contract or pay your first business bill. In order to cash or deposit a business check, you must have a business checking account with all of the legal and tax identifications or numbers, your business name, and all your company information attached to it. You will receive business checks you can use to pay taxes, employees, and bills.

Investors | How to Start/Run a Successful Commercial RealEstate/Construction Business


There are many domain-specific ways to define investor, but for our small building service business, a good definition is that an investor is any party (individual or company) who makes an investment, usually by contributing money, and receives a return on this investment. The term “investor” implies that a party purchases and holds assets with the hope of achieving capital gains, not just as a profession, but also for short- and long-term income. Getting an investor who will be interested in your day-to-day start-up building service business could be difficult unless the investor is someone you know on a personal basis. Unless you can show that you make regular, large profits or own some large assets, it will be difficult to find an investor or investment company to help you expand, buy another successful cleaning business, or borrow capital. Few investors will be interested, unless they think that they will be able to get there money back and earn lots of money quickly by investing in your company. On the other hand, remember that there are just as many investors out there looking for good companies and people to invest in as there are people looking for money to borrow. While you need them, they also need you, so don’t give up.
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