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Adfly Methods: Make Money With Your Links | Tutorial for new members, how to use adfly and everything related to adfly | Adf.Ly Tricks: ADF.LY Linking Strategies.

Tutorial for new members, how to use adfly and everything related to adfly.


Step 1 - Register

Just Click banner on this site will direct to adfly home page at, there is a huge buttom, Join now! Yeah click that. Fill up the form carefully, in the last step account type Choose link shrinker if you wan't to earn money by getting traffic to your links, choose advertiser if you would like to pay 1.00 dollars for 10,000 visitors make advertiser account and you can read more about prizes here

Step 2 - Now what?

Okay, now you have registered account and we are ready to start! From the first page after logging in there you can see pretty much everything, now lets shrink you a url. You have a website or something? It doesn't need to be your website it can be any link from whole internet, example i'm now going to shrink one of my blog - I copy it to that big url box in the first page in adfly. There is a big buttom Shrink you press that, and there is also reading options. There you can choose domain what you wan't to use, currently they can be, and then you can choose advertisement type and choose a custom name, but you don't need to touch or even take a look in the options if you don't want to change the url or advertisiment type.

Well now you have your first shrinked url. If you haven't before visited any adfly ads, please have look how it works. or or

Step 3 - Adfly website

There you can also find a lot of good things, you can see where is coming the most of the clicks, you can see top 20 country where they are coming and also a diagram how you are getting traffic.

Step 4 - Now i need traffic

Now its time to get someone to click your links, you can find out many good ways in these forums how you can manage to get some traffic, but any of those are not the "best one", there is thousands of ways how you can get traffic from, forums, facebook, twitter etc. You just need to shrink your links and share them! If you think that its hard to get 1000 views, well its not. Think example facebook, there is 500 million users, think if everytime that someone goes to facebook, goes through your adfly link it would be up to 1000 million views/day.

Step 5 - Rates/CPM

What is this? There is reading that i can get 5 dollars / 1000 views from United states, well the rates are not updated in real-time, they are just average. If in your CPM is reading example "3$, you will get that 3 dollars / 1000 views" Now comes the question why rates are wrong?, Well they are not wrong, it only depends how many campaigns there is going on, or some people are saying "it depends how many ads are in adfly"

Last step - Payment

Finaly, you have reached the amount of 5.00$, now you can get your moneys in the paypal, at the next payday. Go to adfly website, and there is the Withdraw section, go there. Add there your alertpay or paypal account, now its done, everytime when we have payday in adfly, we will get automatically our moneys in to our paypal/alertpay account, if you don't have either of those accounts please go to or, its easy and free to make alertpay or paypal account.

Sometimes people are also asking, do i get paid to unverified account? Yes you can get paid to unverified account, but you must have same information in your paypal or alertpay account that you have in adfly, because adfly developers can confirm that its really you, by sending you a mail or calling for you.

Thats pretty much all what i can tell you about adfly for now, if you have any questions related to adfly, please ask in this topic! We don't want to get too much spam on adfly forums.



Adf.Ly Tricks: ADF.LY Linking Strategies

Let's get started !

First you'll need an acount, you can register one here

Now that you have your shrinked link, you will have to spread it. For every visit you get paid. (When you visit your own links you don't get paid.)
Everybody has their own spreading methods, here are the main ones:

1. Spreading with Youtube.
Upload things to youtube that people want to download. Example: Upload Music and in the description add a download link with your adfly link.

2. Spreading with Twitter/Facebook.
You can simply tweet/post your adfly links. But post things that make people really curious and want to click on.

3. Spreading via Forums
You can use any forum to spread your adfly links, just put them in your signature or in a post you make.

4. Other methods
-Go to the official adfly forum ( index.php ), and go to 'Getting Traffic'. There you will find some good spreading methods.
-Google/youtube and search for Spreading methods for

Once you have made $5 you can ask for a payout. By clicking Withdraw on the top. They pay through PayPal or AlertPay.

The end, hope you enjoyed and that you will make a good amount of money with!
Please post what you think, and ask every question you want !



How to Post adfly link on Facebook

1. Shorten your adfly link with bitly and share on Facebook

2. Shorten your adfly link with twitter and share on Facebook

3. or you just simply make blog make link to that blog and share on Facebook


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